Every organization or individual cultivating a public following has a unique brand. Whether your organization is a bank or a law firm, or a restaurant or consumer product, you have brand value to communicate. And at a time when all of us are overwhelmed with promotional messaging hundreds of times a day, you must articulate your brand and its unique offering consistently across all media to achieve a desirable public perception.

Today, Public Relations is far more than obtaining a feature article in a news outlet or hosting an attention-grabbing event. It is having an evergreen brand message and communicating that identity consistently across all platforms, so audiences immediately understand your value proposition.

At TCO, we are client collaborators. We help you refine your message and creatively and effectively communicate it in all media — from your website to news stories we place in relevant journals, interviews we obtain for you on TV, radio, and podcasts, in the speeches we write for you, and the social media posts we design. Our service is so comprehensive that we can even match you with graphic arts, videography, and advertising companies to create ads, marketing collateral, web design and other forms of visual branding that complement your overall PR message, rather than distract or deviate from it.

Gone are the days when public relations, advertising, website development and social media marketing operated in disparate — and disjointed — silos. Today, marketing and communications endeavors must function in unison. TCO is the firm that pulls it all together for you. With clear messaging across all media, your brand and its many benefits are easily understood by varied audiences, which results in positive brand action, to help you move product, attract customers and clients, raise funds, penetrate new markets, elevate your cause, engage investors or prepare for an acquisition or a merger.

At TCO, we think differently. We don’t subscribe to formulas, we live and breathe innovation: a new story to tell and a new way to tell it. We creatively apply this philosophy to so-called “cut and dry” topics to broaden discussions that might otherwise seem mundane. Inject the excitement and ignite the brand. Engage stakeholders and inspire action, these are our mantras.