Serving A Universe of Industries

Industries Served

With a senior leadership that has cultivated more than two decades of deep experience in serving global corporations and small businesses alike, the TCO management has played a part in the evolution of the practice of public relations from a media- and events-centric discipline focusing on program tactics to an all-encompassing marketing art that defines organizational identity.

For this reason, TCO is optimally positioned to serve a broad of array of clients with customized solutions. Some specialty areas of expertise include:

  • General corporate communication
  • Banking, insurance, and financial services (in conjunction with
  • Business and professional service firms
  • Luxury lifestyle (residences, hotels, spas, wedding venues, restaurants, fashion, fitness products)
  • Law firms (all practice areas)
  • Trade associations/networking groups
  • Consumer products/packaged goods
  • Economic development
  • Retail
  • Tourism/hospitality
  • Schools/universities
  • Food/Beverage/Restaurant/Catering
  • Women’s products, services, and organizations
  • Not-for-profit, charitable/humanitarian, environmental and educational foundations
  • Entertainment/book/film/documentary publicity
  • Small business branding and launch services
  • Multi-cultural corporate communication and global branding (in conjunction with client/partner Cultural Business Consulting,
  • Health and wellness/fitness
  • Doctors, dentists, hospitals
  • Social welfare and elder care
  • Science/Engineering
  • Real estate development, architecture/interiors, facilities and construction (experience on a local, national and international platform)
  • Logistics/supply chain
  • Relocation/Moving
  • Public/private partnerships
  • Utilities/Energy