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With a senior leadership that has cultivated more than two decades of deep experience in serving global corporations and small businesses alike, the TCO management has played a part in the evolution of the practice of public relations from a media- and events-centric discipline focusing on program tactics to an all-encompassing marketing art that defines organizational identity.

For this reason, TCO is optimally positioned to serve a broad of array of clients with customized solutions. Some specialty areas of expertise include:

Real Estate and Economic Development

When it comes to real estate, we have done PR for all of it! We know how to generate ink in the elite media and the trades for Class A office parks and skyscrapers, planned communities, transportation hubs, live/work/play public/private partnerships, architecture and construction firms, leading global brokerages and finance firms. TCO has an unmatched depth of experience in working with the real estate and infrastructure companies that drive economic prosperity in varied regions of the country and around the globe.

Law Firms

The legal services space is more competitive than ever; the TCO team has a depth of bench that has placed attorney clients in countless expert interviews, thought leadership articles and keynote speaking events. We are also architects of award-winning nominations that have placed our law firm clients on the most coveted lists in the profession.

B2B and B2C Products and Services

Creating a memorable, authentic brand identity is essential for success in public relations, and in sales; TCO functions as an outsourced corporate marketing communications department to tell your unique brand story authentically, succinctly and with an impact that moves products and attracts your target clients.

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Media Relations

With a plethora of media available to everyone today across a mind-numbing array of channels, effectively managing your brand narrative takes depth-of-the-bench experience to develop the right message and tailor it to the ideal media vehicle.

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Content Creation

Press releases have a place and purpose but are of limited utility for telling your distinctive brand story. Creative content across a broad array of media is king today.

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Leadership Positioning

Influence is a power that can be fleeting or enduring. To ignite an industry or advocate for a social issue, an organization’s leaders must be viewed as innovation agents adept at delivering best-in-class products, services, and solutions.

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Corporate & Consumer Branding

Every organization or public figure must create an authentic identity that becomes its “brand.” At TCO, we enable our clients to form an authentic brand identity by precisely defining each organization’s mission and developing a tactical program that reinforces that identity.

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Social Media

Every public relations firm should have the depth of capability to navigate with equal dexterity the waters of both traditional and social media. TCO ensures your social media and traditional media work in unison to maintain a cohesive brand identity.

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Issues Advocacy and

The values of a corporate entity or other for-profit business are communicated, in large part, through its support of altruistic, social welfare, educational and community organizations. Increasingly, both consumer and business end-users are making purchasing and other transactional business decisions in large part on the basis of support for humanitarian, educational, community and environmental organizations.

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Kathleen McMorrow

Principal & Chief Strategy Officer

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