Comprehensive Public Relations Services and Integrated Marketing Communications


We Believe in the 3R’s: The Right Message at the Right Time in the Right Media 

TCO offers total brand messaging and leadership positioning across all communications platforms. We are masters of reputation management and perception creation, artfully refining the written and spoken word in unison with actions, events, and engagements to create a distinctive and desirable brand identity for each client.

We have deep industry expertise cultivated through decades of broad client service, but we still do our homework every day — we value constant new insights from research. We analyze and adapt to industry trends in our own profession and our clients’ verticals  — and we always stay in lock step with the media.

Going beyond basic is second nature to us and we believe in KNOWING the market, not making guesses (even educated guesses) with our clients’ PR and marketing budgets. And, if there’s a vital question that needs answering, we can even create client surveys, market reports and focus groups. Our only goal is our clients’ success — and we deliver the public relations and marketing campaigns that penetrate barriers and augment audience engagement. Going beyond typical PR servicing, knowing how to interpret market data, demographics and psychographics, we develop superior communications programs that align with client profitability goals.

Most importantly, we are collaborators with and partners to our clients’  senior leadership and marketing officers. To round out our efforts, we team with your visual impression providers in the graphic arts, advertising, website development and videography categories (and we can recommend professionals in each area) to ensure our carefully crafted messaging is precision-matched with on-point visual representation that accurately, and memorably, communicates your brand.